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Rockcote Render & Coating Products

Rockcote Render & Coating Products

When it comes to the finest quality render, texture and paint, Rockcote has it covered. For over 20 years, Rockcote has combined ancient knowledge and artistic techniques with advanced technology to create superb results, designed to stand the test of time. Not only do Rockcote products look great, they are also extremely environmentally friendly.

Rockcote Coloured Renders

Rockcote pure acrylic coloured renders offer a timeless and beautiful quality that painted surfaces simply cannot achieve.

Recreate the casual elegance of a southern European villa, a sophisticated smooth rendered finish or a deliberately rustic aesthetic with high performance finishes available in a vast range of colours.

The advantage of coloured render is the depth of colour permeates the entire render layer maintaining a rich, full colour.

Rockcote Coloured Renders offer a tough, flexible and water resistant finish with long-term exterior protection, designed for Australian conditions.

With the inclusion of powerful mould and fungus inhibitors and up to 20 times thicker than a standard paint, Rockcote Coloured Renders deliver a distinctive and durable finish without the need for painting.

Texture Coatings

Rockcote Textures add depth and dimension like no other wall coating. They are perfect for enhancing a specific architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone.

Rockcote Textures create attractive, tactile surfaces with intentional character. Designed to be overcoated with Rockcote Armour.

High Performance Membrane Paints

Building substrates expand, contract and move. Architectural coatings must cope with this, and perform in the harshest climatic conditions.

That’s why Rockcote developed Armour Flex and Armour – their most advanced high performance membranes ever. These heavy duty, flexible, high-build coatings are formulated specifically for the Australian climate.

Warranted performance and durability make Armour Flex and Armour vastly superior options to standard exterior paint and alternative standard membranes.

Can be used to give the ultimate performance finish to Rockcote Coloured Render Systems. Exceptional dry-film thickness and flexibility combine to deliver superior crack-bridging.

They also deliver a beautiful alternative to much thinner standard paints for residential and commercial properties. Particularly suitable for high-rise developments and properties requiring easy maintenance.

Rockcote Q Renders Range

Rockcote Renders are the practical alternative to ‘site mix’ render, designed to meet the requirements of the professional tradesperson and the demands of modern construction.

Their state-of-the-art Dry-Mix Render Plant enables Rockcote to create pre-mixed renders with unrivalled quality and consistency.

Rockcote’s Quick Render range has a product for almost every substrate and project. For tradesmen seeking a spray on cement render, most products in the range can be applied with a render

Quick Renders are easy to use and provide excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates.

Properly cured, Rockcote Quick Renders exhibit minimal drying shrinkage and provide a reliable surface for over-coating with acrylic textures and paints.

Quick Renders are eligible for up to a 15 year warranty when used as part of a full Rockcote system.

Natural Materials

The Natural Materials by Rockcote range draws inspiration from nature to provide beautiful natural interior and exterior finishes that don’t compromise your health or the environment.

From the glass-like polish of Rockcote Venetian Plaster through to the on-trend textured look of Rockcote Earthen Render, our Natural Materials are versatile and help bring a distinctive personality to each project.

Drawing on the traditions of the original master artisans of Europe and the Orient who applied natural wall plasters by hand, Rockcote’s natural decorative finishes are applied by passionate modern artisans. The finishes are suitable for a range of project types including homes, offices, bars, hotels and restaurants.

These breathable plasters and paints can be used on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including modern plasterboard and concrete as well as traditional or eco-build materials like straw bale and hempcrete, with stunning results. Most products are based on natural lime or clay or a combination of both and specially formulated for exceptional performance on modern buildings.

All products in the range are completely natural, free of dangerous chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and produce no residual odour or offgassing. They have low embodied energy (energy necessary for the entire product lifecycle) and are fully recyclable which means they can be returned to the earth after use.

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